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Natsume Optical Corporation, founded in 1947, is an optical device manufacturer specializing in various kinds and high precision optical products with more than 60 years’ experience and developed technology.

Using our considerable expertise, Natsume supplies the core optical components of manufacturing devices such as the illumination system of Semiconductor Lithography System, LCD Exposure System, and Laser Annealing System. In recent years, we have advanced into telecommunication industry, medical equipment industry, and laser industry. We process glasses and crystals into a variety of shapes for optics. To meet each customer’s diversified requirements, Natsume also has capabilities of optical design, lens manufacturing and assembly.

Our developing technologies were accelerated by founding Technology Centre in 2005. Natsume keeps challenging from “nm” to “Å” in the precise range and also from “Simple Plano” to “Complete Freeform” of surface shape as optical devices are becoming even more ultra precise and diverse. Meanwhile, we have been trying to switch surface roughness from Macro-region (MSFR) to Micro-region (HSFR) for smoothing.

About Mf-Lens
The Mf-Lens stands for "Multi-Form, Multi-Function and Multi-Field" and embodies both the dreams and the confidence we harbor towards the field of optical applications. The letter "M" suggests our capacity for diversification while the letter "f" indicates the unique "forms" we create based on our extensive design philosophy, their "function", and the "fields" to which we contribute.  We also take it to symbolize our strong commitment to the "future" and "fortune" of mankind.

High Precision Lenses

Plano / Window / Wedge / Prism / Sphere
Size: Up to 300mm (depends on Lens shape)
Surface accuracy: 
Ultra-high precision lens
Micro Lenses
Micro Spherical Lens / Micro Prism
Size:  Down to 0.5mm
Material: Optical glass, Fused silica, Sapphire

        Micro spherical lens                                Micro prism

Freeform Shapes
Asphere / Axicon / Cylinder / Aspherical Cylinder/
Toroid / Ellipsoid / Freeform
Size: 5mm-200mm
Aspheric departure from best-fit sphere or cylinder <1mm
Asphere: Gull-wing type, Top-flat type available
Surface accuracy: ~λ/20

*measured by interferometer and Ultra precision 3D surface profiler

Freeform defined by Zernikes

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To request information, please contact:

International Business Section
Please complete the "Direct Contact Form" located here:


Phone number: +81-265-22-2434



3461 Kamichaya, Kanae, Iida
Nagano,   395-0808
Phone:  81-265-22-2434

WEBSITE: http://www.mflens.com


Capabilities CONTACT INFO
  • Sphere
  • Asphere
  • Plano
  • Cylinder
  • Prism
  • Conformal/Freeform
  • Domes/Windows
  • Micro-optics (< 5mm)
  • Large optics (> 300mm)
  • Light-weighted optics
  • Transmitted wavefront
  • Prototypes
  • Molds
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Glass engineering
  • Metrology
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Coating
  • Assembly
  • Electro-mechanical design
  • Opto-mechanical design
  • Lens design
  • Prototypes
  • SPDT
  • Glasses
  • Crystals
  • IR
  • UV
  • Visibles
  • DLC Coatings
  • To request information, please
    email the contact(s) below :

    International Business Section,
    Phone: 81-265-22-2434

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